Click on free plan on homepage

and click on the free plan.

Click on free plan on homepage

Select Free Hosting Plan

  1. Select the Free Hosting Plan
  2. Click Continue
Select Free Hosting Plan

Enter Your Information

You only need to add information for the fields witha red asterix.

  1. Make sure to check the TOS agreement
  2. WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD. you will need this later
  3. Click Continue


This says what you can and cannot do and what they provide including limits of:

  • emails you can send and receive
  • limits on the size of file you can upload 2MB
  • limits on the types of files you can upload
  • 1 MySQL database with 10mb size limit
  • and more

Check your email for two emails

1. Click on the Welcome email

Click to Confirm your Email Account

Start to Register your Free Domain

1. Select Subdomains from the Domain Names dropdown

On a side note, most hosting companies have what is called a Control Panel and from there you can manage more than one domain. In the free one we're working with you are only allowed one domain.

Start to Register your Free Domain

Create a New Subdomain

You only get one of these so think a minute before you create it. To create it

  1. Click Create Free Subdomain
  2. type in the name of the subdomain you want
  3. click create

Confirmation message

You should see a confirmation message at the top of the screen

Confirmation message

Go to the FTP Manager

Select it from the Hosting Tools Dropdown

Go to the FTP Manager

Find out your FTP information


  1. NOTICE that it gives you two hostnames separated by a comma. Choose theone with your subdomain you chose, here
  2. The password is the same one you wrote down when you were entering your information to get the account

Test out the FTP

Here I enteterd the information to Filezilla and then clicked QuickConnect. It is the same three pieces of information you will need for other FTP programs.

  1. Host
  2. Username
  3. Password